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Our Thoughts On Women In Construction Summit - Stace
Our Thoughts On Women In Construction Summit - Stace
12 March 2018

Our Thoughts On Women In Construction Summit

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to Stace’s business strategy, culture and core values.

As a partnership, we firmly believe that success is driven from having a diverse and innovative workforce. The best projects are born when a group of individuals come together to share the knowledge and inspiration gained from all sorts of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences, but who all share the same passion for the built environment.

It is this variety and passion which enables us to build strong working relationships with our clients, suppliers and the communities we work with.

Last week, Stace attended our first Women in Construction Summit. Having always flown under our radar, we looked at the summit as a space to gather inspiration, practical insights and learn from the personal experiences of successful women within our industry, which we hope will help us in our continual commitment to provide the best inclusive environments. The summit was attended by:

John (Partner), Glyn (Partner), Hayleigh (Building Surveyor), Claire (Project Manager), Kirstie (Quantity Surveyor), Jenny (Project Management).

Take a look at what our group thought below:

“Firstly, I’d like to say that I’ve never been prouder to work for Stace than yesterday. Glyn and John were two of maybe three males in the room and I think that just sums up how progressive our company is. The day was very beneficial. It was extremely inspiring to hear from the women in the industry who have achieved a huge amount of success in their respective careers and to be encouraged that it is very achievable for myself in my career. I learnt not only how Stace can support me in this but how I can drive myself forward; becoming a role model to those who join the company.”

“It is evident that any change needs to come from the top, and it is good to see Stace getting involved at all levels. There is a need to encourage young females into the industry though education, awareness of the industry and the roles which are made available to them.”

“To reach equality in this industry, I think we need to target the next generation; from schools to colleges to universities etc. The world of construction can be absolutely fascinating, and it would be a huge shame for girls and women to miss out. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in; helping to promote the captivating industry I accidentally discovered.”

“Although Stace appear to be quite progressive as a company, there were many take-aways from the day which show how we could continue grow and improve as a business. Encouragement from a young age is key but as we get older, with life experience, it’s also important to be confident in yourself and your abilities – to remain true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Perhaps an expected statement from a working mum, but flexible working continues to be a hot topic within the industry and the working world in general, and is certainly one which I believe could be better understood.”

“I liked a saying which come up yesterday…
‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other’ by Madeleine Albright.
It’s a famous saying and used quite widely by the WINCON. Diversity and inclusion has to be driven by any leadership, but it’s so important that we as individuals also work to help to promote and influence others.”

“I was particularly impressed that we were one of the only companies that had 2 senior partners attend the conference. Not only that they were male but that they wanted to be part of the next stage of the ‘revolution’ and experience it first-hand.”

“The speeches consisted of a mixture of tools, past successes, current situations, opinions on how the industry can grow and develop as well as how other companies are approaching Equality, diversity and inclusion within the industry. I also learnt that there is a major project ongoing, replacing the sewers in London and that the tunnels are wider and deeper in places than the cross rail – yet you don’t hear about it!”

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