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Responsible Business – Going Beyond

Stace takes great pride in our work and we acknowledge our responsibility to ensure our business practices have a far-reaching positive impact, now and in the future. As a multidisciplinary construction and property consultancy, we can make a real difference and influence the world around us.

We are committed to Going Beyond the delivery of our consultancy services and this idea has formed the basis of our strategy. Our dedicated Responsible Business Committee set this strategy and ensure that we are not only meeting, but going beyond, what is required of us as a business.


Stace believes that our staff are our greatest asset. We strive to create an environment that looks after the physical and mental wellbeing of all, delivers learning and development opportunities and is inclusive, irrespective of diversity.

Encouraging positive wellbeing is a key priority and it has always been our ambition for Stace to be more than just somewhere you come to work.


Giving back to the communities where our people work and being a force for positive change has been at the heart of our business since inception. Over the years, Stace has delivered a wide-ranging programme of professional, charitable and community support.

We encourage our people to take part in corporate initiatives and to support their own local, national and international causes.


The construction and operation of buildings accounts for a large percentage of the UK’s energy usage and its associated carbon emissions. We recognise our role in helping clients reduce energy usage at all stages of the life of buildings from manufacture and construction to decommissioning but particularly the usage of energy in operation. We are members of the UK Green Building Council and benefit from their learning and development programme and meaningful insights on the latest sustainability topics.

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