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05 April 2024

The Building Safety Act

With the transitional period now over what does this mean…

Well, for new building works being designed and carried out from now on, they must comply with the new regime. However, there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstanding within the industry on how this new process and the new appointments are to be implemented.

There has been very little guidance from the Government or the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) on the actual practicalities of how the industry is to implement the new processes, so as is the norm, it is down to the industry to try its best to interpret how they believe the Government and BSR would like this to be incorporated within the build process.

So, what is this Building Safety Act?

The one theme that has been dominating our industry for the last year is the seeming complexities around the Building Safety Act. Essentially it is a new piece of legislation, parts of which came into force back in 2022, that introduces major changes to the regulation of ALL controlled building work.  It is a big piece of work … running to some 229 pages, in 6 parts, with 171 sections, and 11 schedules.

The Act creates a new regulatory body within the HSE, the BSR and introduces the statutory registration of all building control inspectors (public and private sector), it creates a category of “Higher Risk Buildings” (HRBs) which are subject to a new regime during their design/construction and throughout their operation. There are also provisions for construction product standards, a new home’s ombudsman scheme, as well as changes to the Architects Act.

Most of the changes have been enacted through a series of new secondary legislation.

We’ve tried to distil the information into a two-page FAQ document, covering questions such as “I hear a lot about the “Golden Thread”, what is this?” and “When do I need to comply with these new requirements?”.

Download our Building Safety Act FAQ

We’ve also gone into detail on Building Regulations Higher Risk Buildings Gateway Process and Required Documentation and information on the New Duty Holder Regime.

Download our Guidance Note on the Gateway Process and Required Documentation for HRBs 

Download our Guidance Note on The New Duty Holder Regime

The Building Safety Act also introduces a new safety regime for Higher Risk Buildings in use/occupation. We encourage you to contact us if you require any further information, guidance or assistance with the Building Safety Act and Building Regulations regime.



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