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Graduate Stories

Mohammad Sareshwala
Graduate Project Manager

What advice would you give students who are considering the Stace graduate scheme? 

Embrace and take on board all the things that are said and presented, don’t be afraid to question anything within the sessions.    


What do you enjoy most about working for Stace? 

Being able to have a balance between days working in the office and being on site. In my case, my projects take me to new places in the UK every other week. I also really value that I get to work with some great people – I get on well with my colleagues.


What attracted you to Stace? 

As an SME, I feel part of the Stace family (and this was obvious when going through the interview process). That feeling of being known and interacting with members of all rankings within Stace, from the Partners to fellow Grads is something I value.


What did you learn on the Graduate Development Scheme that you have applied to your day-to-day role?

My presentational and communication skills learnt on the scheme have allowed me to present information to clients clearly and communicate with them more effectively. 


What drew you to the construction/property industry?

I’ve always been attracted to this industry, there are, of course, financial incentives but being part of the buildings that are being constructed for the wider community is something I find rewarding. I feel like I’m making my mark on the city.  


How has the Graduate Development Scheme influenced your future career plans/path? 

It has increased my motivation to achieve my goals, most especially after hearing from the Partners and senior members on their career paths and journeys. 

Being a SM firm, I felt part of the Stace family (when going through the interview process) and that feeling of being known and interacting with members of all rankings within Stace, from Partner to fellow Grads.


Joe Rose
Graduate Quantity Surveyor
Eleanor Baillie
Senior Project Manager
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