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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Partners at Stace aspire to develop and promote an inclusive and diverse work environment for all our employees, clients and visitors.

Led by the Executive Board the Partners have established a Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group made up of people from across the business and has become key to driving and implementing change. The group are consulted on key business policies and decisions and provide support and leadership to the Partnership and the HR department. The group’s strategic action plan focuses on five areas:

  • Leadership

    As a Partnership we recognise that diversity and inclusion requires the support and leadership from everyone within the business, in particular those at partnership and management level. As a Partnership with take a proactive approach in equipping our managers and leaders with the training and information they need to support and encourage an inclusive culture.

  • Culture

    The Partners goal is to create a working environment where people respect and value diversity and the contributions it can make to the workplace. Our company policies ensure inclusivity, safeguard equal opportunities and reflect the changes in culture and the workplace environment. As a Partnership we want to develop tools to embrace and integrate Diversity and Inclusion within the business culture, raise awareness and offer support to our employees and clients.

  • Employees

    The Partnership strives to have a diverse and representative workforce at all levels of the business. Not only are we an equal opportunities employer, but we have implemented a blind recruitment process to combat any unconscious bias or any prejudice when recruiting.

  • Clients & Partner Organisations

    As a Partnership we understand the need to challenge the current culture within our industry in order to bring about change. We aim to collaborate with clients and partner organisations by participating and supporting on diversity and inclusion initiatives to improve the industry and encourage change. If you wish to get in touch, please do at

  • Communities

    The Partnership’s Responsible Business Strategy sets out our commitment to make a positive change within our communities. What’s more, we engage with diverse communities and partner with local schools and groups to build a diverse and inclusive network. By involving ourselves in diverse communities, the Partnership can grow and develop as individuals, as a business and as an industry.

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