Health & Safety

In the face of statutory duties that are getting tougher all the time, Stace can offer you a comprehensive Health, Safety and CDM service provided by highly qualified specialists.

Ongoing regulatory changes mean that Clients are, more than ever before, required to be accountable for their health, safety and environmental performance and to set standards that go beyond best practice on their projects.

At Stace, we understand that meeting these legal obligations is only part of the story; keeping employees, tenants, designers, contractors and others safe in the longer term is paramount to the success of our Client’s business.

Organisations are proven to experience commercial benefits through improved staff retention, lower insurance rates and safer working practices as a result of employing sound health and safety practices. Our Health, Safety and CDM service provides clients and consultants with the peace of mind that we understand their business needs and have their best interests at the very core of our delivery.

Image Courtesy of Knight Dragon