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Graduate Stories

Matthew McEwen
Senior Building Surveyor

What attracted you to Stace?


Stace is involved in leading projects across the UK and provides the additional opportunity to work with leading figures in the industry. These were the initial elements that sparked my interest in Stace.

During the recruitment process, I valued the time we received at the very beginning from Partners and senior professionals. This confirmed my decision to apply for a GDS position at Stace.

It was clear from the outset that Stace truly values their GDS members.


How did you find the GDS and where have you been able to apply this to your day-to-day role?


The GDS has been invaluable. The programme delivered by Stace provides a detailed understanding of all the roles and sectors of the industry. Additionally, there is an importance placed and training provided focusing on soft skills.

These sessions have been crucial for my role and allowed me to hit the ground running in my career. In addition, the GDS has been vital for my preparation in sitting the APC.


What do you enjoy most about working for Stace?


Stace delivers services to a variety of projects across a range of sectors. This makes our roles hugely exciting, as we are continually learning, and no day is the same. One day I will be on a new build residential scheme and the next at a Grade I listed religious building.

This exposure to a range of projects ensures we continue to challenge ourselves and gain an unrivalled experience. Furthermore, Stace encourages and offers significant opportunities for us to develop an area of interest and provides support to advance in these specific fields.

It was clear from the outset that Stace truly values their GDS members.


Sophie (Zhe) De Montalembert
Project Manager
Eleanor Flavell
Project Manager
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