Stace Staff Survey: the results are in!

25 October 2017

This summer, Stace conducted their Staff Survey report, which provides the partnership with an opportunity to see what we are doing well on and what can be improved.

The results were overwhelmingly positive and we’re pleased that the friendly and supportive team atmosphere of our offices has translated itself through the results.

Please see below for some of our key head-lines and takeaways.

When asked to describe Stace, our staff came back with: 

  • Stace is… A great place to progress your career
  • Stace is… Professional, friendly, approachable
  • Stace is… An encouraging place to work
  • Stace is… An excellent company to work for with great internal development
  • Stace is… Welcoming
  • Stace is… Wonderfully old fashioned in values, yet thoroughly modern in outlook
  • Stace is… A very friendly place to work where you feel more than a number
  • Stace is… A good company to learn and develop as the senior management team is very hands on in helping staff grow

The Figures

  • 91% feel proud to work for stace (9% remain neutral)
  • 92% feel they are treated with respect (neutral 5%)
  • 71% feel they can reach full potential with Stace (24% feel neutral)
  • 91% of staff consider Stace to be ‘Above Average’ or ‘One of the Best’ places to work compared with other companies (5% neutral)
  • 99% felt they had friendly colleagues
  • 98% of staff felt they had the authority to make decisions

What our staff said

“I came from a very large company and it is very easy to be lost in such an environment. The ability to showcase one’s ability is limited. In a company like Stace, there is care given to each person’s development and most are afforded the ability to learn from PD and partner’s first hand”

“A great place to work if you are at either side of the age spectrum…colleagues and partners all prepared to offer assistance without making you feel awkward. I still don’t know it all after 20 years in the industry!!”

“I’d describe Stace as a medium sized company with small company (read family) mentality but big company clients…”