Stace Attends 'Breakthroughs for the 21st Century' at the Houses of Parliament

01 June 2009

James Darbyshire, Partner at our London office has been invited to attend the ‘Breakthroughs for the 21st Century’ event at the Royal Horticultural Halls at the Houses of Parliament on the 1 July 2009.

The event is hosted by the Sustainable Development Agency and promotes the latest in sustainable initiatives for existing and future communities and developments. The event is described as follows:

“This is an extraordinary time in UK politics. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary responses. Ideas which only a few months ago were dismissed as ridiculous are now the new mainstream.

But many of these new ideas are still not inspired by an understanding of sustainable development.

‘Breakthroughs for the 21st Century’ is our contribution to the process. This event will showcase a selection of ‘breakthrough’ ideas, as chosen by the SDC from around 300 ideas submitted from sustainable development experts and enthusiasts from business, academia, government and communities. They will be some of the best ideas that, if put in place, would truly put the UK on the path to becoming a sustainable society. It will also celebrate the talent, creativity and enthusiasm for sustainable development breakthroughs in the UK and provide a space where others can demonstrate the good work that they are doing on sustainability.

The event will provide a platform for taking these ideas forward, by bringing together people who have the ability to make change happen and inspiring them to do so, with workshops and other opportunities for delegates to learn and engage with the breakthrough ideas and sustainable development more generally.”

James has been invited by Incredible Edible, an initiative seeking funding to promote sustainable communities at a local level.