Michael Caine 'desperately frustrated' after Thruxton's disappointing results

08 May 2008

Round seven of the Porsche Carrera Cup saw Michael Caine leading the opening lap, however after running fractionally wide on the exit of the chicane and a bump over grass which pitched his car into a spin that only narrowly missed the pit wall, he dropped to eighth before he managed to get going again.

Meanwhile Sam Hancock (Jota Sport) took the lead, closely followed by Tim Bridgman (Michael’s Team Parker Racing team mate) and Tim Harvey (Red Line Racing) taking third. Phil Quaife (Jota Sport) took fourth and after a dogged recovery drive from Caine, who managed to close the gap over the final two laps to only half a second at the flag, Michael battled hard to take fifth.

Caine again led the opening laps in round eight, with Bridgman and Hancock disputing ground into the first corner. Into Campbell for the eighth lap, Harvey touched the back of Hancock’s car which had a dramatic effect on the outcome of the race; although the contact was slight it damaged the radiator of Harvey’s car who limped back to the pits leaking coolant, which made the entry into the chicane especially slippery. ‘It was looking so good’ said Caine who was the first to arrive on his ninth lap and had a big slide ‘You couldn’t see the coolant on the track and I just tried to hold the slide,’ however, Michael unfortunately pitched up over the kerb, damaging his front splitter which immediately affected the handling of his car leaving him powerless to fend off Hancock who was close behind but managed to avoid the kerb after also suffering a big slide.

With Michael falling back, Hancock controlled the pace to take first, Bridgman second, Bateman taking his first podium finish in third and Caine salvaging fourth, desperately frustrated after the weekends events. ‘We’ve been the fastest here all weekend and had a fourth and fifth place.’  he said.

Michael continues to head the leader board, as per the current standings shown below:

Driver Points
Michael Caine 136
Tim Bridgman 120
Tim Harvey 119

Driver Points Michael Caine 136 Tim Bridgman 120 Tim Harvey 119

The next Porsche Carrera Cup race weekend is at Croft racing circuit on the 31 May/1 June 2008.