Retail Construction Consultants

John Lewis Completion

02 May 2015

Stace are pleased to announce the construction and completion of a new joint retail unit and highway alterations for Waitrose and John Lewis at Home in Horsham Sussex. The aim was to extend and reinforce Horshams ‘shopping experience,’ bringing a  greater diversity of retail choice, whilst retaining and enhancing the viability of the town centre.

The project included the demolition and site clearance of an existing vehicle show room and workshops, the remediation of the ground and the construction of 72,000 ft² of retail space split into 2 separate retail units, with under croft parking and an internal mezzanine sales floor.

The project also includes extensive S278 works to the existing roads and pedestrian crossings around the site and a S106 agreement to enhance the existing town centre of Horsham.

Key contractors and consultants:

Collado Collins Architects
Scott White HookinsStructural Engineers
Bradley Murphy DesignLandscape Architects
Hoare LeaM&E Engineers
Motion, Highways engineers