Fight for Peace project awarded Government funding

28 May 2014

We are working with Fight for Peace to assist them in constructing a new Sports and Teaching Facility in Newham.

The existing Fight for Peace site comprises a hall used for sporting activity and a house which has been converted into offices / classrooms. The new works involve infilling the area between the two buildings as well as extending to the rear of the converted house to provide an additional 552m2 of space. The works are to be undertaken whilst the buildings are in occupation, requiring careful consideration of phasing to ensure the minimal disruption to the continued use of the facility. As a charitable organisation, Fight for Peace needed to raise the necessary capital from a number of organisations and relied on Stace to provide cost advice in order to do so.


About Fight for Peace

Fight for Peace is a “not for profit” organisation that provides real alternatives for children and young persons in disadvantaged communities to crime via social inclusion through sports, education, access to the formal work market, promotion of a culture of peace and building youth leaders. Stace are acting as Cost Managers for the alteration, refurbishment and extension of their sports and teach facility in Newham, London.